Black2 Dual Drive Cloning with Acronis True Image WD Edition


I cannot clone my existing hard drive to the new Dual Drive. When I get to the summary part of the software, it says the “The selected disk will be restore as is (disk’s layout will remain GPT).” Then when I select proceed, it starts to calculate the time, but within 15-20 seconds I get a message that says my computer needs to restart. It restarts but the disk remains blank and my original hard drive is never cloned. At restart, my computer just boots up normally, no cloning ever takes place. When I connected the Dual Drive with the USB connector, I went to Disk Management in Windows 8 to initialize it, but it was already done. I thought it needed to be MBR, not GPT. I alread disabled Secure Boot in the BIOS.

I am trying to replace the hard drive in my HP Pavilion g7 notebook running Windows 8.1 and am not sure why this new Dual Drive and the software will not clone.

Any suggestions? Bad drive that I need to send back to Newegg?

Thanks in advance.

The version of Acronis that WD provides is a limited version of Acronis Home edition. Acronis Home edition does not have support for GPT or dynamic disks. You may need to use a full version of the Acronis or you may need to try a different clone utility.

Acronis Home and GPT