Black vs Green

2 really quick questions. 

(1) I am slowly expanding my computer as I rip more of my DVDs and BluRays to it.  I would like to dedicate a hard drive or 2 to just movies and music.  I currently am running 2 green drives (1TB and 1.5TB).  I would like to get a black because apparently the performance is better. What is the proper configuration for those? Should the Black be the OS hard drive and the green store the movies?  Or since I use my OS daily should that be on a green and use the black only when I want to watch these moves?  In case it matters, I do not have a raid, just multiple hard drives.

(2) Long term, I would like to either build or buy a home server, obviously for media.  Same question applies here: Is it better for black or green drives?

Thanks for the help.

depends on what you want to do

greens do not support raid; yea, you probably can get them to configure in a raid, but chances are, you will have long term problems with them. and wd doesnt support green drive being used in a raid. green drive are also slower (5400-7200) verses the black (7200). overall greens are exactly that - storage that has low power consumption

black are made for raid, speed, performance.

blue is the middle of the road

chances are you wont see much difference (+/-5 sec) in booting from ether green/black, except for newer drives can have better perfomance out of the box compared to older generations.

i just used some black 1tb, sataIII (6gb), 64mb cache. with a i7 870 & 8gb ram, it still takes ~40 sec to boot win7 business. the only real way to reduce that is to get an SSD…

Blacks are not part of the official RAID supported listed drives, other than a standard RAID 0/1 set up…  The RE line of hard drives are the ones that WD “officially” support other RAID configurations.