Black screen when turn on subtitle

When i play a movie with one or more subtitle specially persian in srt format and UTF-8 coding, at the beginnig of playing the movie everything is o.k. but when you ON the subtitle from OFF condition the screen turns black as if i stops working and for replaying the same or other movies, you must restart the player. This problem has happened about a month ago and I think I haven’t make any changes to the setting. To be sure, I reset two times the player to the factory settings and also tried to update it, but it showed that the firmware is uptodate (1.06.15_V). Althought doing these, the problem wasn’t solved. Please help me as soon as possibel because it has made me mad. Thank you.

That’s a weird one cause SRTs are simply text files that are rendered by the device. They are no bitmaps as in Vobsubs where the (usually transparent) background accidentally might be swapped to black or something. And usually having to turn off the player is necessary with corrupt files, no subtitles. What happens when you rename the file to fit another movie on your drive and turn it on then? Can you upload the srt to mediafire or something?