Black screen for few seconds

Hi there,

I have some issue with the WDTVLiveHub…

When I’m looking to a movie (no matter what format, .avi, .iso, .mkv, …) I sometimes get randomly a black screen for 2 or 3 seconds and then movie continious playing. Sometimes it happens 2 or 3 times during the same movie, mostly within 5 or 10min.

This is very annoying… so I hope someone can tell me how to fix this or what I can do.

i’m using the latest firmware version: 3.01.19

Thanks in advance

Try pressing the reset button on the Live Hub and if you started to have the problem when you updated the firmware try doing a rollback.

I will try the reset option… I don’t think it has to do something with the firmware version.

I had the same problem with the 3 previcous firmware version and the current version so…

I had a simular problem. My unit would work fine for a few minutes from cold playing video or mp3 then all of a sudden the screen would flicker or go to black. I thought the unit was crashing except I could power it on and off with the remote and I also noticed the TV label for my WD would come up on the screen like the HDMI signal was lost.  On that hunch when it happened today i fiddled with the HDMI cable and with a “flicker” up she came. I am hoping it is not the socket but the cable. I have a 2 metre HDMI cable running from the entertainment unit up some conduit in the wall to the tv.  I did have to fiddle and pull at it to thread it through and am hoping I didn’t damage it.

In any case now I have some cable slack behind the unit now and it hasn’t failed me over a movie and some music.

Might be something to check out. Especially if the TV label comes up when the screen goes black.

Try a different HDMI cable if you have one short and direct to your TV. That will at least discount a cable problem.