Black screen by not safely removing My Passport

Any solutions to re-establishing path to My Passport after it has been removed with a user program still running?


I’m not getting your question clearly.

If you safely remove the drive, you will need to unplug and plug back in to use the drive.

Thanks for responding. My situation is this: Before removing My Passport
from the USB port I clicked on “safely remove external drive” and got a
message “do not remove generic drive another program is still using it,
close any apps using the drive before removing.” I checked and could not
find any app open, tried again and got the same message. I then shut down
the computer thinking that would close any apps still active, after
rebooting the computer I still got the same message. I then went ahead and
unplugged from the USB port. A few days later I plugged My Passport and
when I clicked on the drive access the monitor went black, I moved the
cursor all over the black screen and nothing would display. Upon
unplugging the device the monitor went back to normal. This is in Windows
10. I used the same device in Windows 8.1 with no problems and for that
matter, no problems in Windows 10 until now.

I took the drive to a local computer repair guy, but he said it was beyond
his capabilities. WD has referred me to a Data Recovery company, but I
would like to find a remedy. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bill