Black screen after logo

Hi, I updated yesterday to the latest firmware, and everything went well, I used the unit yesterday night and no problem, but this morning the unit seemed unresponsive, i turned off and unplug the power, then i could cycle through the menus but it froze like 5 seconds later, i won’t turn off so i unplugged the power and i was able to get to the reset settings, it took me to the screen where you choose the language, but then it froze again i waited around 30 minutes but it was unresponsive, now when i turn the unit on it gets stuck in the loading screen, no usb units are or were attached, now or at the moment of updating, i usually use a portable hdd for playing the videos, i had the usual known issues but never had this kind of problem before updating. I’ve read around but nobody seems to have this kind of problem … so help, thanks

there is a reset button on the bottom of the unit, you will need a pin to get to it. don’t know if that will sort the problem or not but if you can’t get to the reset setting then it’s worth ago.

thanks, i’ve seen the button what i know is that if you press it too long it will change your video settings, what i don’t know is if i press it when the unit is on or off.

The unit must be ON.

Nothing happens,  each time it goes on it won’t react to the remote control  or the reset button

I noticed this exact same behavior with MakeMKV encodes and movies with the newer copy protection.  Re-ripped with AnyDVD HD to decode and no more issues.

Update: I was able to get to the update screen and “install” a downgrade, the Rollback_wdtvlivegen3_1_07_18, unfortunately it froze at the rebooting screen, as it didn’t react after 30 minutes I decided to unplug the power, now when I turn it on all  I get is the WDTV logo and after that nothing, just a black screen; is there a way to install the update or downgrade without booting to the menu screen? thanks