Black screen after installing hard drive

hi recently installed a HD 320G|WD SATA2 WD3200AVVS, my mobo is a p5nd, im upgrading from a Western Digital 400 GB, Serial ATA 300, 7200 RPM, 16 MB Cache. 

Thing is i get a black screen on boot, no beep nothing, i know its not the graphic card cause i put the old hd back in and it works fine, im about to rma this thing as its too late to return it where i bought it, any suggestions?

What’s the OS that you are trying to install on the unit?

Remember that the new drives comes completly empty and you need to install the OS on it.

Also you  can test the unit with a DLG tool for DOS

the os is vista 64, like i said, i get black screen, i cant even get into bios, which makes me think it was doa…