Black screen after fast forward?


when i fast forward some movies not all movies with X2, X4,X8 or X16 the screen turns black but the audio still runs, you can hear the movie playing but  my screen stays black??

you can turn the movie off or shutdown my WD player nothing helps only iff you play the movie back from the beginning en see the again??

i have the WD player live with firmware 1.02.21.

is there someone who nows why or what to do??


The only thing to do is to bug WD to fix it in an update cause this is a known bug.

This is something I have not encountered.  Could someone post a MEDIAINFO output for a file that does this consistently?


i had this problem with 2 avi divxmovies and one video_ts dvd movie.

i deleted the movies and copied it back on my hard disk ( lacie 2TB ) and on a kingston usb 16GB stick, but they still have this problem.



and how do you do that??

i cant update my player its allready up to date??

TonyPh12345 wrote:

This is something I have not encountered.   

I’ve only seen this with VOBs so far and have not been able to reproduce it. Suffice it to say the same DVDs played fine on my first generation WDTV and were ripped as all the others that still run fine on the LIVE.


the strange part is that its not doing it with all my movies!

this problem happend only with 3 movies yet, 2 AVI’s and 1 video_ts?

i have a lot off movies on my disk that havend got this problem.


Don’t know about the VIDEO_TS, but chances are, you can run your AVIs through Handbrake (using the High Profile preset, and output to MKV) and the problem will go away.

Sounds like a possible fit for you, since you only have a few issues.