Black mobile 1TB is it heliodrive?


Can anyone explain how WD Black Mobile 1TB is created? Long time 750GB was maximum, now I see 1TB, it is still 9mm and actually quiet than 750GB. It uses helium? Coz I do not like helium drivers, helium will evaporate after time, so I prefer drivers without this technology (pity there is no database of which driver is helium and which is not).


Only 8TB drives and higher in capacity are helium drives. At least what WD sells. As for the creation of a 1TB drive, a 750 GB drive and a 250GB drive get together, have dinner and drinks, and then…
Just kidding Peter, actually it’s either the addition of another platter or using 4K sectors rather than 512 sectors to allow for more data to be stored on the same size platters.

thanks Timothy, I believe there is no place for another plate at this 7200 rpm drive, so i will check sector size on this model.