Black mamba v1.9 (Got deleted off my cpu)

how can get in contact DeVicious about the black mamba v1.9 zip file  my stupid brother did a clean install of windows 8 on my desktop and didnt back up my files.jus bought a 3tb hdd now i cant use thumbgen without black mamba v1.9 theme…pls anyone have any suggestion on how i can get another copy of mamba v1.9 zip

I need the latest template too, just bought my SMP a couple of days ago, too late to catch it online.

I’m in desperate need of this too. Been looking everywhere for it. I think it’s gone forever and ever! Never to be seen and appreciated again.


Black Mamba has been pulled.  The only way you might get it is to PM DeVicious to see if she will send it to you.  She still monitors the forum, so if you PM her she will most likely see your PM.

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I have v1.9, you can send me a pm to send you a link to download it.

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just pm u wdtvlive about the black mamba v1.9