Black Mamba v1.5 templates

Hey, I am looking for the  the Black Mamba v1.5 templates

 and I dont need the theme, just the template. I had an HDD crash on the PC that had that template and use it on all my movies and cant do it on any new movies till I locate it. 

If anyone has an old copy can you check to see if it contains this template, please

Thank You

You had no backups??

no backup at all…this happen on the family computer i was unaware of the crash …my brother did something to the cpu trying to install windows 8

missing the common folder

Red_Leather313 wrote:

missing the common folder

I don’t think there was a ‘common folder’ in v1.5


Edit -    Not sure but I think you might be able to use Surrealpro’s sheets with Black mamba, and don’t forget that Black Mamba is no longer supported

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