Black Caviar WD1001FALS open case Vs closed unit?

I have a Dell XPS 410 I’ve been upgrading slowly. The Graphics card failed so I bought a new one, the new one needed a better power supply so I bought one of those too.

Now on boot up I get a blue screen so I’m getting a new hard drive now. It’s been reccomended and I’ve seen it as the customer choice on Newegg as well as wonderful reviews on Amazon. The 1tb would also be great as when my computer DID work I used a lot of games on it.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the open case and the one that is completely closed? I suspect it has to do with the SATA, SATA 2, and SATA 3 thing. Seems like it could get dust right inside the case and isn’t dust bad?

But that’s my inner newbie talking.

thats interesting :slight_smile: there are no drives that operate open that I know of, and I’ve been working with drives for over 8 years

I think by open case they mean that this unit been sold before, but was returned as openbox, and now its being resold again.

oh and yeah dust is bad :smiley:

It didn’t state it was used, I mean to me it looked brand new in a box.

Of course I’m not any expert at this at all, just confused.

oh, :slight_smile: its just the picture man, drive is sealed and looks like this:

I would recommend to buy this drive as standalone, and get universal USB3 enclosure if you need external storage device. these drives are good.

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Thank you, now I feel more comfortable about buying it.

And with my coupon it was only $80. (with tax)

Unfortunate about the possible delay but it’s the best deal I’ve seen in two weeks, been scouring the net to find one under $130.

Take care!