Black Caviar 1T not taken as WD hard disk

I detected some bad sectors on my Black Caviar 1T.I changed its cable connection on the mother board to different SATA out let. Since then this hard disk is not recognized by the system as WD hard disk. So I cannot use WD diagnostic software for this hard disk. Is there any way that it is again recognized as WD hard disk? What could be the reason?

you cant fix bad sectors RMA the drive (not been able to access the disk most likey the start of the disk is no longer accessable)

Sorry if I did not explain myself clearly. I can excess the drive. It is my boot hard drive and is working fine since I ran windows disk scan. I have win7 64bit.

Only problem is that it is identified as “TP10EADS ATA Device ; Manufacturer: Unknown” as compared to other Green Caviar on my system which is identified as “WDC WD8000AARS-00Y5B1 ATA Device; Manufacturer: Western Digital”.

Because of this I cannot write Zeros from the WD Diagnostics Bootable CD as this software works for only WD hard disks and it does not detect this hard drive as WD.

I would contact wd support (by mail) as ask what is going on with that drive. The disk may be faulty or fake.

PD: i would also use yellow instead of red, because it is not easy to read.

I accepted both the suggestions, Now the text is yellow and my querry is under the pillow of WD boss!!

Thanks for the reply. 

Test Really need to get an new forum setup as this brakes a lot of things lucky you can turn off rich text to fix usage on phones Any way the drive had bad sectors no point in trying to use the disk as its an permanent fault at the disk layer (physical damage ) just RMA the disk get an replacement, if still in warranty, if not buy an new one… text is merge due to forums software

This is my third hard disk in one and a half year, so you can say now I am used to it (thanks to ….). Let me try my luck this time and see how long it runs.:wink: