Black bars on top and bottom and characters look fat


I have a very annoying problem with the WDTV live.

Any video will shrink on the top and the bottom and the characters on TV look fatter.

Please note that I KNOW that some videos are designed that way.  I have tested that before posting here.

I used another TV, same result.  I used 1080p, 1080i, 720p config in WDTV, same result.

The SAME video will play perfectly fine and fit the entire screen on my Patriot Box Office.  I have tried both 480 and 720 videos to be sure and it’s all the same, always those black bars on top and bottom.

My TV isn’t in any sort of zoomed mode or weird resolution as the WDTV menus fit the entire screen. Only videos are not in the good format.

Any suggestion would be very appreciated!


More Ifno Required:

Is Your TV a 4:3 (Normal) or 16:9 (Widescreen) ?

What are your WDTV Audio/Video Settings ?   Normal or Widescreen ?

How is your WDTV Connected ? Composite,Component or HDMI  (How is the Patriot Box Connected ?)

P.S. Your WDTV Menu’s might look fine … but WDTV Audio/Video Settings affect ‘Video Playback’


Aspect ratio was set to Normal.  Didn’t notice that one.  Set it to Widescreen and the videos are now using the whole screen.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: