Black 5TB vs 6TB noise comparison, is this normal?

Hi there,

I’ve been always using WD Blacks, but the new 6TB that I just got is by far the noisiest, in a level that I think its failing.
I’ve recorded both my old 5TB (WD5001FZWX) and the new 6TB (WD6002FZWX) while doing a quick lifeguard test. (Both were mounted in the exact same spot using the case rubber based screws)

WD Black 6TB
(check out the noise between 0:15-0:35)

WD Black 5TB

Would appreciate any opinion,


Hello itaybraverman,

WD Black may make more noise than any other drive since it is a performance oriented drive.
What was the result of the test for both the drives?
Are they working fine?

I would suggest to contact WD support immediately for this:

Thanks for the answer Peter,

Both drives passes the quick test in ~2:00 minutes.

I know that the WD Blacks are noisier, this is why I compared it to my 5TB WD Black which is way more quiet (as can be heard from the recordings)

the 6TB WD Black noise is extremely high, and its shakes the entire slot, even when mounted using rubber based screws in a high end noise isolation case. The ~90% differences in DB between the drives make me suspect that the drive is bad, this is why I posted the recordings, I’m afraid that a new 6TB black will sound the same, and it might the case with all the 6TB batch.

Hello itaybraverman,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Just received mine (6TB), and yes, it vibrates much more than the others WD Black I have.
Is yours still working after all this time?
Did the Technical Support say anything?

Hi monsieur_cedric,

Back when I’ve posted the issue, WD ended up sending me a new replacement drive which had the exact same level of noises, so I kept the original one, which has been working perfectly since.
I succeeded to lower the noise in a bit by using special mounting screws that included rubber based “anti-shock” rings, you might want to to give it a try.