Black 2tb issue

Hello all.

I have a bit of an issue with a WD Black 2tb.

It makes a very high pitch noise when spinning.

When spinning down it makes a rattling sound for the last bit.

It also get very hot (like burn your hands hot), even though its cooled by 2 fans.

It does perform without issue, and no bad sectors or anything.

Its just the mechanical sound problem.

Is this a problem, and can i expect it to die sooner than it should.

Drive is now 2 years old but has only been used for a few weeks.

Made a recording of the sound.

You cant really hear the high pitch noise through the breeze sounds of the fans, but you can hear the rattling near the end.

Click here for sound file (skydrive)

Hi you need to test the drive. You can use WD datalifeguard to test the drive or a copy of Hard Drive Sentinel make sure to check the smart data and temperature readings. You can get the Datalifeguard tools here

Hi and thank you for replying.

I have already used the lifeguard software and the drive passes.

Today i returned the drive for a test at the store i bought it.

They agreed the sound is not normal, but said it doesnt mean it has a reduced lifetime.

Still the high pitch noise continues to annoy me lol.

Ive mounted the hd with an anti-vibration kit hoping to minimize it, but to no succes.

Ive also noticed its not constant, and may disappear for a few minutes before returning.

It will slowely build up in volume till about half and then pop back at full strength…

It does not appear to matter wether the drive is reading or writing.

Any idea will be greatly appriciated.

the bearings on the hard drive wre dying… they where stupid in the store… they should have let you use the warranty on the drive…

please rma as soon as possible… dont trust that drive with your data

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Hi and thank you for your reply.

In light of your recommendation i have contacted the store that id like to rma it.

Theyve accepted the request and il be dropping it by later.

For the moment ive put in a wd green 1tb i had lying around so no problems with space.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Mike de Groot.

Hey all.

Just to let you know the results.

I turned it in for repairs, the store gave it another test and said it was not working as intended.

They have exchanged it for a new one.

Thanks for your help.

Ya, you just caught an ‚Ė†‚Ė†‚Ė†‚Ė†‚Ė† a the store the first time around.¬†
Of course bearing noises will shorten the lifespan of any mechanical device.
Had the store held that silly  position - a direct contact to WD for an RMA was your next bet.