Bittorrent Sync - automatic start up and any current bittorrent sync users on this board?

Anyone know how to get bittorrent sync to start up automatically in the event the mybooklive shuts down (i.e. power outage)?

Does it mess up the mobile apps at all or wd smartware and wd cloud on windows pc?  Do you current users like bittorrent sync?

Might install bittorrent sync now on my mybooklive to back up to my sister’s laptop in another house.  Maybe even to another mybooklive in another house. 


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Hi, these type of modifications are not supported, but maybe other users can offer their advice. 

you will not get official WD support, so be careful, as you can void the warranty if something goes wrong.

Anyhow, far from being a Linux expert, but should be doable and simple. The major point: The OS is Debian Lenny. So search how to create startup scripts for it.

Also, check the Transmission guide, as it provides steps for a startup script, which should be similar to what you want to achieve.

The above linked directions work.  Be sure to install the “powerpc” instead of “arm” version of the bittorrentsync in step 1) though with your mybooklive (the above instructions were originally for the mycloud drive).