BitTorrent Sync and Apps support for My Cloud?

Is WD planning to implement Apps support like the NAS drives, so My Cloud users could use services like BitTorrent Sync, Plex etc.? I saw this thread (which is locked now) with instructions on how to install BitTorrent Sync on personal My Cloud devices, but there it’s stated that that procedure is not officially supported by WD and could void the warranty. As far as I could understand it works only on v3 firmware, and it can get quite tricky for v4.

I read every reply there, and I also searched other topics, and I couldn’t find any response regarding and official stance from WD on this issue. So I would like to ask if there is any plan to officially support BitTorrent Sync and Apps for personal My Cloud devices, so we could be saved from all the hassle?

I apologize in front if this is already mentioned elsewhere in the community. I’ve tried to find anything mentioning this, but my search was by far unsuccessful.

Currently if you want app support then buy the more expensive My Cloud devices that officially support 3rd party add in modules/apps. Otherwise as nice as it would be, adding such features to the low end My Cloud devices would mean that WD would cannibalize the sales of their more expensive products to provide those features to a lower cost product that is marketed towards a different market segment. Not going to happen any time soon.

Unoffically there are a variety of apps that one can attempt to add to their low end WD My Cloud. Some/most are listed in the following thread.

Search through this subforum for threads titled [APP] or [Guide] for several ways to add other 3rd party programs to the low end My Cloud units.

Note that those instructions are for the; WD MyCloud EX2, WD MyCloud EX4, WD MyCloud EX2100 and WD MyCloud EX4100 (arm based), and on WD MyCloud DL2100 and WD MyCloud DL4100 (Intel based).

This particular forum is for the single drive My Cloud device which is not listed as a supported model at that link. The single drive My Cloud devices do not have the App page like the more expensive models listed above have. However, there is the following My Cloud thread that discusses how to install Bittorrent sync on a WD My Cloud: