Bittorent transmition not working on private trackers?

I understand torent client Transmission can be put on this as well as nzbget and openVPN which require a 10euro donation. I would like to use torrent on my mybooklive so that I can keep my PC turned off however its important for me that it works with private trackers. I’ve read indications that Transmission version that is running on MyBookLive is a very stripped one - does not support private trackers /doesn’t have support for RSS feeds. Can anyone confirm? How about the paid clients? I don’t mind paying a one time $10 fee if its much better. If it does work can I get some verification that it’s working with current firmware? I’m not sure what firmware my Mybooklive is on. I don’t see where this info is shown. I updated about 6 months ago and am wondering if I should update prior to installing torrent client. As I understand it updating firmware removes all such programs and settings from Mybooklive.


I heard that it might be possible hacking the OS of the drive… I haven’t try that but it involves using SSH on the unit.

Maybe someone can give you a tip on that.

That might void the warranty.