Bios won't detect HD5000AAVS drive

The HD is inside Trekstore external drive.  For some reasons, the computer is not detecting it through the USB device.  The red light stay on.  After removing it from the case, I put it in the pc and the MB won’t recognize it.  The system just hang there.  The external case is fine with another HD.  

Is there a way for me to retrieve the data on this HD?  TIA.

Download Western Digital’s diagnostic utility for Windows with the drive connected to the motherboard and powered up. If that doesn’t read it, I’m not sure what else you might do. Provided you have another drive to boot from and the system isn’t hanging while detecting the secondary(possibly bad) drive. You might be able to disable detection on that port in the bios and WD Diag will still detect it. I’m not sure on that.