BIOS Setup for WD2000JS

I have an older computer with a 200GB WD drive, WD2000JS.  As you can no doubt tell from the model number, it is an older drive.  It came in a HP/Compaq computer with Windows XP.

I’m having trouble installing a new OS on it and I noticed this discrepancy:

WD specification 

Physical Specifications
Model Number WD2000JS
Formatted Capacity 1 200,049MB
Used Sectors Per Drive 390,721,968
Interface 3.0 Gb/s Serial ATA 2.0 (backwards compatible with Serial ATA 1.0)
Bytes Per Sector 512     <---------------
Dedicated Landing Zone Yes
Actuator Latch/Auto Park Yes

Details in my BIOS:

Capacity          200GB

Cylinder           65535

Head               16

Precomp          0

Landing Zone  65534

Sector              255       <-----------

Can the difference in Sector size affect my drive?  Or is it just my machine uses sectors 1/2 the size and twice as many?


The correct sector size is 512.  Are you having any issues installing the OS? Have you tried formatting the hard drive first before installing the OS?

“255” is not the sector size. It is the number of sectors per track.

In fact this number is meaningless for modern drives, as HDDs have their own internal CHS geometry. Instead you should be configuring your BIOS for “Auto” mode or “LBA mode”.