Bios detects WD2500JS as 0Gb and windows don't

Hi guys, my Hard disk power off last week. I replaced the controller board using another one from the same model and now the disk power on, but the bios detects as 0Gb and the operative system don’t recognize.

I tried using external box usb but it’s the same.

can anybody help me? is there any suggestion?

thanks a lot!

You need to transfer the 8-pin serial flash memory chip at U12 from patient to donor:

This chip stores unique, drive specific “adaptive” information.

The following PCB supplier includes a firmware transfer service for US$20:

hi fzabkar, thanks for your feedback.

so, as i  understand you , this pcb can not be swapped by another one. is it right? Is it mandatory transfer the firmware?

each pcb only works for one and only one disk?


AIUI, you can get lucky with a straight board swap if the “adaptives” are in close tolerance. However, a “ROM transfer” is the only guarantee of compatibility, especially if you wish to continue using the drive.

hi, thanks a lot for your support!

I’ll trasfer the firmware chip and then try again. (by hardware)