BigSur OS update overwrote my WD Passport! [SOLVED]

Somehow I accidentally downloaded the Mac BigSur update onto my 2T WD Passport. I had about 1T of files on there (my whole life actually :frowning: ) . The update wiped my WD Passport and replaced it with empty system files folders. HOWEVER the external hard drive is still showing that there are about 1T of files on the drive…which gives me hope that my files are still on there.

What do I do?

Thank you!

Edit ------ [Solved!]

Here is what to do if you think your files might still be on your drive.

Go to the search bar and type in a file or folder that was on your drive. If it appears, click on it so that the finder shows the path. Write down the path.
Then click on your external hard drive again so you are back at the main forlders. Use the Mac shortcut Command + Shift + Period to show hidden folders. You should now see the hidden folders Volumes. Look at the path you wrote down and follow the path to your files! The path will look something like Volumes > Orange Passport > Orange Passport - Data