Big Thumbnails- Bug

After getting  custom moviesheets work with the hub (more information on that in the theme’s section), which requires mainly thumbnails with dimensions 1280 X 720 .

Its seems that the hub takes time to render these thumbnails!

Single sheets(thumbnails) within a folder is displayed rapidly but when we have multiples sheets(thumbnails with dimension 1280 X 720) in a single folder, the hub takes time to render them and makes navigation laggy.

Can wd include a solution for this in a future firmware?

perhaps this may help.

I’ve also noticed that if we force the hub to move to the next thumbnail rapidly by continually pressing the left/right buttons 2-5 times. The thumbnail rendered on the screen becomes broken, or jagged. There’s some blocks that appear on it.

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Have you checked with anyone to see what is the max size resolution  the thumbnails can handle?

Hmm i’ve not checked the max resolutions , but small thumbnails with size 260X360 (in a single folder)display fast!

but i think the problem rises when there’s to many thumbnails of size (1280X720) in one single folder. It simply lags… btw i’ve modified a theme to make it display the 1280x720 thumbnails.

the same thumbnails when viewed in picture gallery renders on the screen fast.

by the way Can’t a gallery view that works with media library turned off  be implemented? Its quite a pain to restart the hub and to wait for it to finish compiling to see new files.

I don’t even know what’s the proper role of a media library.

I think it´s very interesting make the movisheets work without media library, it will save lots of problems for people refreshing the media library or getting the endless “compiling…”  message…

If we could find a variable that the wd hub does not resize (like it does with folder.jpg) the problem will be solved…

Please find in the below link a simulation of the problem with dummy files.

just load the folder on any live hub and use any theme or mine’s or extremedigital one…

it even lags with any normal theme!!!

The following happens, if i continuously press on the right or left direction buttons… the image becomes broken!