Big Question, Need Help

So, this weekend my WD Live Hub gets to run a film festival.  Which is greatly cool.  But need some help.

Where in the themes is the code that  tells it to display the video title and the icon of a camera when a video first plays.  I want to remove that. 

Thanks you!!

I’m supposing that you are refering to the video playbar which is at the bottom when you play a video.

If this is the case, then it depends on your video format.  If your videos are in DVD format, then you have to edit the “dvd_navigation.xml”.   If your video is in any other format, mkv, avi, mp4 etc., then you have to edit the “video_run.xml”.

@ MatthewFoF

Just a quick’n’dirty edit to achieve what you are after…

Just Video Status Bar, Speed and Time Info: (No Subtitle or Audio Info is displayed as well)

VCR mode … 100% NO info: (Nothing at all, just Video playback)

Install them into your themes folder to apply them… this only changes Video and Dvd playback display, all other Mochi code is “Factory Default”.

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That is it!  Thank you so.  You’ve just improved the weekend of me and about 3000 viewers.

@ MatthewFoF

No Probs, hope all goes well.