Big problem with MyBook 2TB! (2mb transfer speed) (easily disconnects from pc)

I’ve first bought Wd elementz 1.5tb and it worked great and now after 1.5 years or so. So when i needed another external hard drive, i decided to go with WD again. I bought Mybook and it worked great for the first month. After about half a year of you, I’ve notice it easily disconnects from my pc when the cable is moved even at the smallest touch. I could live with it i thought. Then the following week i notice how horrendous the transfer speed was. for the first 2 sec, it was transferring at a rate of 120mb/sec then the next second down to a stable 1.5mb/sec transfer. I’m still using its original USB and I’ve tried it on different usb ports on my computer, which is only 3~4 months old. My elementz never had this problem other than the usb part, but very minimal.

Sohere’s where i am, i want to switch the casing altogther, but I don’t know how, and i read somewhere that this is encrpyted. I’m able to move the 1.4tb i have on it right now and move it between my computers to save my memory if all i need is to format this hard drive. 

Can I change its casing? Can i also do it for my WD elementz? Thanks in advance.

First I would try a new cable. Some don’t fit very well. Another poster posted pics and the Moderators have seen them and passed that along. If the drive is still in warranty contact WD they’ll probably send you a new cable. If the drive is still in warranty do not open the case or it will void the warranty. I would try the new cable first.


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Thanks very much for the suggestion, using my ps3 cable for now. Do you think this would work?–Male-Mini-B-Cable-Meters/dp/B001TH7GUK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1324893239&sr=8-3

Here is a guide to double check your choice  If the drive is still in Warranty contact WD and they’ll probably send you a new one. Also WD doesn’t recommend cables longer that the original one supplied.