bIG problem! while tryin to convert to fat

so ive been using my passport for a while now… ntfs format… but yesterday i tried convertin it to fat32 for my xbox… so i started the process in about 75% i got an error that something else was using it… so it aborted… and now my windows 7 dont recognize it… in (disk manag. or device manag. , led light always usto blink now it jus stays on n wen i plugg it in nuttin happens jus disk n no notice on laptop)… but before i started formattin i copyd n pasted  everything to a desktopfolder wat can i do?

Does it show in disk management? If so delete the volume and try again. If you copied a lot are you sure it was finished before the format?


no it doesnt show anywer… n yes i have all my files in the folder…

how can i put the software bak in if the laptop dont recognize it?

i need help!

  1. if you are formatting to fat 32, you need a mac to do it

  2. if you are going to use it for xbox, xbox can only read 16g max. you need to partition the drive to 16g

  3. windows cannot format the drive to fat 32 if your drive is 130g+ – windows limitation

use mac to format the drive to fat 32

use this link:

ok thanks, but the problem is that my laptop is not recognizin the drive…it dont show nower…

format the drive in mac, and it is not advisable to format the my passport in fat32 because it has a smartware. why did u format the drive, since u have files inside? thats why it was not successful because windows has a limitation, it can only partition up to 32gb, and it cannot save a certain file larger than 4gb, and if your drive is more than 32gb and you will attempt to partition it, well it wont happen, there are more solutions online but there is no guarantee to last long.

Do you have a desktop or laptop which passport is it is it the one with or without smartware?


Open Google and look for a software named Active @ Undelete. Go for the portable version…(***bay) so you don’t need to install it on your PC. Now run this software to recover your corrpted partition and restore it. Please use NTFS. FAT32 is No, No for these drives. For Xbox/PS3 buy your self an inexpensive and smaller USB drive.

Hope this help!

Mabkay - SLK

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A couple of things:

  1. Did it say what was using the drive?
  2. What is the drive model number?
  3. Was it a SmartWare drive?  Did you have SmartWare installed?
  4. Try downloading our DLG Diagnostic utility and see if it will recognize the drive.  If so, run both the quick and extended test on the drive to make sure the drive itself is okay.


Have you had any issues with the cable, or the drive spinning up before this.  Could it be a power issue?

I don’t think this is a connection related issue. User screwed-up the partition table by aborting FAT32 formatting process in the middle. So, only option is to restore partition table using 3rd party software. I think I have pointed the user on the right direction on my previous post.

Personally I don’t rely on DLG as when My Passport Essential ES 1TB got corrupted due to bad USB port DLG reported the same and eventually My Passport became unusable. DLG did not do anything to pix it. And the WD support site confirmed that I need to return the drive for replacement if it even fails on quick test.

Where I live, this was an unacceptable answer, and I look over the net for a remedy. I found one of the excellent 3rd party software and got my drive fixed. The funny thing is, DLG now report same drive is 100% okay.

Bottom Line: As a major hard disk drive manufacturer, WD should develop their own recovery software by taking in to consideration the capabilities of software such as Nero Drive Image, Active @ Undelete and HDD Regenerator etc.

WD = Great Hardware & Bad Firm/Software

Mabikay – SLK

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