Big problem when tried to format using 3rd software

I tried to format my wd my passport using partition wizard or something like that (from Hiren’s CD) and recived information that partition is in use (wanted to made 2 partitions with 1st in fat32 with only 30gb because of my mobile phone and ps2 console). After that my wd stopped being seen in Windows but seen in wd software as disk 0.00gb with only 1 LBA. After a lot restarting pc and connects wd it just started working again but only 29.9gb partition was detected, in ntfs, not fat32. So I went back to Hiren’s and found that left space is empty now so I made again 1, big partition but program found few problems with wd.
Now my problem:
When after restart my pc I connect wd it’s work fine, but when I’ll unplug and plug it again it’s not working right - again it’s not seen but seen in wd software, with all 465gb, but empty (there’s like 100mb files when first plug after restart).
No matters if I plug it in Hiren’s windows or my windows (vista home basic) or my sister pc. It only works 1 time then pc need restart.
Some programs says they cannot read s.m.a.r.t. or sth like that from disc, even on 1st plug. Tried to update wd portable disc software and it says it finish it but it not helps (on 2nd+ plug update not works). Oh, and wd software at 2nd+ plug says there’s no right partition on disc.
Got no idea what program done with this poor hdd when tried to format it.
Is there maybe kind of wd software which let me format ALL disc? With software on it? And all informations about it? Like first time in factory, to make it working? I think there’s missing something after bad format.
DiscGenius program found few problems with hdd and I let him repair it but nothing changed.
My disc was bought yesterday and I’m unhappy. How it’s possible disc works 1 time after restart?
I know you’ll not forgive me my english but I’m really sorry and promise to still learning more. :slight_smile:

Use Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to Write Zeroes and then reformat the drive