Big problem - possibly firmware related, possibly NAS, not sure

I decided to update this morning.

I did a full re-set, etc.  Once updated I re-applied the necessary folders on my MBL NASs to the media library.

Unfortunately nothing on my NASs shows up in the Media Library, so I had a look and tried to re-scan.  The SMP refused as it says the folder is set to read-only.

So, I went into the NAS from my laptop, and sure enough it has Read-only’ ticked.  Don’t know why, it was definitely unticked before.

So, I unticked it, clicked Apply, clcked okay.  Tried again, and the SMP says it’s set to Read-only.

Checked again on the laptop and gues what?  That’s right, it’s Read-only again.

Untick.  Apply.  Click away.  Right click.  Guess what?  Read-only again.

Now it looks like a NAS problem, but this has only happened since updating.

Have I missed something?

Steve W

Okay, sort of fixed.

In the Media Library settings, when I click to add places to the library, I used to just get MYBOOKLIVE1, MYBOOKLIVE2 and MYBOOKLIVE3.  Now, in addition to these (and listed before them) I get 3 additional sources, each a set of numbers.  If I access these they are different links to my MBLs and they allow me to add items to the library.

Very strange.

Steve W

It sees the MBL as both NFS and SAMBA.  That’s why they’re listed twice.   The NAMED ones are SAMBA, the NUMBERED ones are NFS.

So here’s the very strange thing.

If I add to Media Library on the NAMED ones I can do it, but only on the first level (straight below ‘Public’).

This is no good for MBL3 as there are some videos on there I want in the library, and some I don’t.

But I can add just one one folder using the NUMBERED (NFS) route.

And, if I access the network on my PC I can remove ‘Read-only’ if I ‘Select All’ folders, but if I only right click on the video folder it removes ‘Read-only’, but then immediately adds it again.

Very strange.

Steve W