Big MKVs and Wireless

Hi everyone,

Just got a WD Live and wanted to know if it works well using a wireless USB key with large (3-6GB) MKVs or am I wasting my time?


The largest MKV I’ve got is 3GB and that streamed fine (720p, bitrate around 3600 Kbps) across a wireless ‘G’ network.

Big files aren’t the issue – it’s the bitrate of a file.

I routinely play 8-11GB files fine wireless – but I can play a 4GB file that will bring my system to its knees due to high bitrate.

You can examine the bitrate of your file by running it in a program like VLC.  If it’s variable (VBR) then you need to watch it at many points to determine the max rate.  Wirelessly I couldn’t play anything over 25mbps or so (which is why I went wired, as several of my videos are higher than that).

BigFish, generally, the size of the MKV is irrelevant.

It’s the bitrate and contents within that’s important…

If a 3 Gig MKV contains a 6-hour collection of 1-hour TV episodes, it’s probably going to be OK (as long as the codecs are supported.)

If a 3G MKV contains a 4-minute Music Video, I guarantee it won’t work.   :slight_smile: