Big Library size Handling with My Cloud drive


I am about the purchase a My Cloud 4TB drive but wanted to make sure if it will be able to handle my +550GB library when I am trying to access it.
I have the drive plugged intoe my network in South-Africa but I am in Europe and US a lot but want to have easy access and be able to export and import through my machine to the drive.
My internet speed in South-Africa is 30Meg and in Europe and the State between 40 and 60meg.
Will this solution work?

Library of what? Is this library a single entity, or a library consisting of lots of files (media, say), or an accessible database?

How much data do you pull from this library, and at what rate? These values will give you the required link data rates you need. Do you want to stream the data (e.g. media), or do you need to download it (files)? For the former, a sustained link rate in excess of the bit rate required for the media won’t cause problems. The latter can cause tedious waits if you need to download an entire file before you can use it.

You also need to bear in mind the expected I/O data rates of the MyCloud; even though it has a gigabit ethernet port, it cannot sustain the 100MB/s data transfer you might naively expect (=1000/10 for 10b8b encoded ethernet traffic, neglecting packet overheads). You might achieve 40MB/s write and 70MB/s read rates on the MyCloud.

XXmeg what? Megabits/s or Mbytes/s? I’m assuming Mbit/s, since that’s the usual ISP link speed measure.

If you’re planning to stream media, you need to know the required bit rate for the highest resolution media you wish to stream.

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