Big Issues with my WDTV live streamer (2011 version)

Right, I love my WDTV streamer but every 3-4 uses when i try and turn it on with the remote after flicking the switch on the plug it wont turn on! then sometimes it wont read the attached 2tb USB drive, Why??? if it was broken it would not work at all but it sometimes does!!! its usually every 3-4 uses it wont turn on with my remote or my iphone app remote and sometimes it wont read the USB drive what the **bleep** is causing this??

I am really upset because I love the system but cant understand why it randomly sometimes doesn’t operate properly.

Any suggestions?? and yes I have updated the firmware.

What do you mean ‘after flicking switch on the plug’. Do you remove the power and when you turn the power back on the player does not come on automatically? When you say if it was broken it would not work at all then I’m afraid to say that you are mistaken, lots of faults are intermittent. However you could start by resetting the player to factory defaults by using the internal menu. As I said if you are turning off the power then in fact you do have to use the remote to turn it on as it should start up automatically.

I  mean when I flick the switch on the plug socket then I press the power on the remote and it does not respond If I pull the plug out of the back of the machine and put it back in the player it will turn on but as I said before it will only happen occasionally but why does it happen at all? same with it not sometimes picking up the USB harddrive.

I would assume that there is something wrong with your plug socket switch. Turning on the power supply should be basically the same as pulling the power plug out of the player and replacing it. The player should then automatically come on. Does the led on the front panel come on when you flick the switch. Have you tried a different socket? If you remove the power supply from the socket and then plug in back in with the switch on what happens?