Big big problem o raid 0 on 2x velociraptor 150hlfs

hello friend i’ve a very big and annoyng probleme. let me explain. i’ve a gigabyte mobo with intel ich10r sata raid cotnroller. i’ve 2 velociraptor wdc150hlfs firmware 04.04v02 and windows 7 64bit ultimate.

i’ve this problem. many time system freeze for 15 or 30 or 1minute and then run again  as if nothing had happened. and and it can happen 2 or 3 times a day but in some days it does not happen.

in eventviewer there are this The device \Device\Ide\iaStor0 did not respond within the timeout period. error id 9

i’ve applied a patch that rename registry keys iastor parameters in parameter.bad but nothing is changed. also freeze. what can i do??

Google for “iaStor0” – the first 3 search results that I looked at seem relevant, especially as you have Intel RAID.

Most common solution seems to be a driver change around the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, and the next common one is a registry edit. Your mileage may vary.

Good luck.