Beyond Frustrated! WD TV Live only plays from Slingbox for 3:30 minutes?

I am beyond frustrated,  Here is my configuration:

  1. Slingbox located 2 hours away with Xfinity (Comcast) service (5 MB up stream)
  2. WD Live TV located in my other Home.  ATT Uverse (20 MB Down) service, hardwire (RJ45)
  3. WD Live TV located in my Bedroom. Same service as above, Wireless Connected

They are both doing the same thing?  When I watch Live TV via Slingplayer I am pressing (Red Button-B) to watch the stats on the Sidebar. My average Bandwidth is 500(kbps) .  I cannot get past 3:30 Mins. When it hits that time or near it the picture freezes, the counter which reads “0” flips to “1”, it squeezes the Bandwidth and it drop down to 0.2(kbps) basically nothing.

I then get kicked out and it gives me an error code 27.

I have gone into my ATT router setting and set a pin hole in my Firewall for my 2 WD TV’s to allow Slingbox?

I have a Macbook Pro and can launch the Slingplayer on it and it plays just fine for as long as I want.  

I took both of the WD TV’s to my home where the Slingbox is and played them on a TV that is not connected to cable and they both worked flawlessly. 

I’m stumped?  Please share any suggestion?  Thanks!

I know nothing about Slingbox … but there are some suggestions on the Slingbox Forum regarding Error Code 27 and the WDTV Live

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Thanks for the Link JoeySmyth!  That’s it.  I’ll have to wait until I get to my other home where the Slingbox is located to check my Port Setting.  More to follow!  Thanks again.