Beyond 2TB per port

This is a question for WDTV Gen 1 & 2…“NOT” the Live etc

Regarding the 2TB per port drive limitation on these devices.

Does anyone know for sure it this is per port “or” per drive? What I mean by this is

can you connect an external USB caddy that takes 2 drives and put 2x2TB drives

in it and have the WDTV access the whole 4TB?..Tony?

It doesn’t support multiple-drive enclosures at all.  It’s not a drive size issue.  If you even put 2x250GB drives in an external enclosure, you won’t be able to use the second one – just the first one the controller identifies.

And the behaviour is the same on a Live and a Live Plus.  One drive per enclosure.  That’s it.

Thanks…was worth asking as it would save using additional PSU