Beware Your OS5 Upgrade. Indexing for 2 Weeks. Two Drives Gone Red. Drive Temp Warnings, USB Support GONE, Mem & CPU Pegged

Hello! I sure do wish I had never taken the bait. I am pro photographer and my life is on the 32TB PR4100. I upgraded and the device and it went into an indexing state. I suppose that’s to be expected. Next thing I know I have a red LED on the chassis. Then another. I logged into it and I have drives operating at 55c. I have memory pegged. I have CPU pegged. Almost two weeks later and I am still indexing. The drive is in the coolest spot in my house with an external fan blowing on it. I got the outer drive temps down to 49c. The inner drives are still over 50c. I contacted support via chat last week … a lot. The last instruction I got was run a full drive test. So my drives are indexing furiously, my CPU and memory are pegged and I am supposed to further burden the system with a drive test? Okay. I guess.

I went to Best Buy and purchased a WD 14TB EasyStore for $284.04 so I can try to salvage some of my work before the box has a total meltdown. The PR4100 (Named “HappyNAS” – I’m thinking of renaming it) does not see the drive! Fantastic. I’m screwed. I’ve upgraded to a buggy OS at WD’s repeated insistence, and now my machine is melting down and I can’t pull my photos off. WTH? I am not at all pleased. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be footing the bill for at least two new 8TB drives that have gone red.

One other awesome thing I noticed. After the upgrade I can no longer access directly via the browser UI. I used to just access via my LAN IP. Now I get rerouted to a URL. So not only does WD spy on my every command and likely collect metadata on me even though I opted out of all that BS, I cannot access my own NAS if Internet goes down.

NOT HAPPY, WD. Please help me fix this. Your people are nice and all by my life’s work is on the line and I’m ready to turn to social media for help. The disk test is still running three days later. I still have two red lights. I still have a fault state. I still have two drives in “BAD” status. I still have pegged memory and CPU. What I don’t have is a warm fuzzy that I am not going to lose my photos.


They confirmed in another post that you can still connect to the NAS via the IP even when the internet is down. They used this method to provide an HTTPS connection. They can make calls to their servers regardless of whether you’re using your IP address or any other method.

To be honest, I had enough of the OS 5. I can say i am finally back to the OS 3 version.

It could however, be killing the board in this thing, it might not actually be killing the drive itself. I would pull the drives and checking them before assuming them to be dead. Even though, my WD Reds were running kinda hard and loud before choosing to go ahead and place a fan atop the system, and then ultimately downgrading back to OS 3. With the external fan on mine, It took the drive temps from 54 to about 41. The drives were still hitting pretty hard for a few minutes, but have now went back to being their quiet self.

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I have done some tests by:

  1. Pulling the cable modem wire from my router
  2. Block all WAN access to the NAS using the router firewall.

Under either condition; I am able to access the NAS from file explorer and through the Browser UI

I had this happen & WITHIN 30 MINUTES I DECIDED TO PULL THE PLUG. it booted back up ok.
in doing that i at least took all the data off as win10 file explorer still saw the drive, to be honest i aint that clever but i asked wd support if it would go back to factory settings. still awaiting a reply.
other than that i am stuck with a drive i can write to but am afraid to use as backup which is why i bought it.

After upgrading from OS3 to OS5 and after rebooting several times, MyCloud Mirror Gen2 loses network connectivity a short time after reboot. After that happens My Cloud OS5 app on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone will no longer communicate with it; and my Dell PC running Windows 10 Pro and my HP laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro also will not communicate with it. Only recourse is to disconnect the power plug to force a reboot, which I’ve had to do 3 times now. This device was working perfectly before I performed this upgrade, now it is useless! I’m a very unhappy customer.

@FlyerFocus Please check out my thread and the workaround for the undesired transcoding of all your media files: Runaway ffmpeg process usage after MyCloud5 upgrade

Mate, I am in dire need of a “downgrade”. Any chance of sharing a step-by-step / roadmap of your actions»

Same problem. Looks like a structural bug and the support chat adds no value whatsoever. WD will be black listed if they don’t solve their issues presently.

What is it your looking to downgrade? OS5?

The main thing here is removing the mtd3 files.

root@MyCloudEX2Ultra # nandwrite /dev/mtd3 rootfs.cfs

I would assume a simple band erase all /dev/mtd3 would do the same trick, I didn’t however test it.

Check out the thread. It shows what needs to be done. Feel free to ask if you still have questions.

Thanks. I don’t know how to navigate to the process list in your other post but here’s how top look from the shell. No ffmpeg process. Over two weeks later and still indexing.