Between 5 - 9 MB/s using rsync -- too less transfer speed?

The last days I’m doing some test with rsync.

First Test Rsync push

I connected an USB 2 to WDMC 2TB USB3 port – max speed was 8-9 MB/s in average. connecting my USB 2 HDD to my iMac I see a performance between 35 - 45 MB/s.

Second Test Rsync pull.

Today, I connected the same USB 2 HDD to the iMac (late2013) and pull data from WDMC using a wired giga lan connection, i reached around 6MB/s. Interthing fact, the first file starts with over 20MB/s but MC is slowing down to 6MB/s.

My feeling the transfer rate is too slow, so wondering if there is a bandwith limiter? Any suggestion how to improve the transfer rate?

here’s the rsync command for ur reference:

rsync -avh --partial --stats  --progress root@ /Volumes/iTunes

Actually the USB 2 HDD is WD.

I’m the only User, no other transfer in parallel

ALL media serving, DLNA,iTunesServer are disabled.

Actually I want to pull 420 GB of music and video files, with current speed the whole copy process would take 20 hours :frowning:

Thx for any feedback


I realized that it is very much depentable on the type of file:

m4a: is worse not more than 6 MBs

mp3: has spread from 3 to peak 68 MBs (one time) to get the average is quite difficult, perhaps roughly 9-13 MBs

mp4 & m4v: 3 - 6.5 MBs