Better video playback in MyCloud app


I use my MyCloud as a video locker for my IOS films and videos, I would like to see better playback of these files to stop buffering causing the video to stop. This could be by implementing a buffer before the video plays back or changing the way in which the video is streamed to the device. 

For example, I have converted my movies to MP4 which is a iPad standard format within the spec of what an iPad can play, web optimized via Handbrake but my son will often struggle to get through a Cartoon episode without seeing buffering which then causes a stop in playback.

As this was my main reason for buying this device I would appreciate some advancements in this area and i’m sure i’m not the only one :slight_smile:


No, you are not the only one. I had to unload twonky and use samba sharing exclusively. i also have to turn off the service that scan for new media, i think this is causing most of the lags. Another cause, i think, is not enough ram. I checked the system, and there is too much swaping and the ram is always full. Always. Unless you unload some services that you don’t need.

if you feel that you need almost nothing that come with the system, or you want to install your own, you can also execute a script on the nas "/usr/local/sbin/ (there wont be a blue light after reboot, but its ok). To restore the default services loading, run: “/usr/local/sbin/”

I agree that that there is (was?) way too much buffering problems for the price we pay.


I’ll have to retry with the latest firmware to see if it still does it, as much. But if you say so, it should.

This feature is really requiired to be improved. I have observed many MP4 converted through handbrake which plays well in any media player in other laptop OS doesn play well from ipad and Android devices, I see many a times it gets stuck halfway and the player  wither crashes or it would stop streaming. This is one of the main features even i use my Cloud for my home purpose so that there is a central repo for all the users at home for accessing videos.

needs improvement, 

please contcat in case needed further infomration on this.