Better thumbnail functionality for wdphotos and wdmycloud

Is there anyway to stop MyCloud thumbnailing my album art in the myphotos android app.?

I have a very large collection of photos, mostly NEF (raw which don’t work on WD Photos) files and quite a lot in JPG, and an even larger collection of music which all have album art, some upto 7 jpg’s per ablum.

All these album art files end up showing as photographs on the android app making it impossible to use it as a photo viewer.

ufraw is a linux app which allows NEF files to thumbnail preview, so there is functionality to make NEF files viewable.

And it would be nice if there was some way of restricting the thumbnailer from certain folders. Or to restrict photos to thumbnails from photo folder and music album art jpgs to either embedded tagged jpgs, or only jpgs in music folder. Same with any video art…

That is exactly the way it used to work with the MyBook Live. I have that and I just bought an EX2100 NAS. The photo viewer only shows files in the shared pictures directory when I point it at the MyBook Live, but when I point it at the EX2100 it shows photos, album art and book covers.

Not sure what they have done differently now, but it ruined a perfectly good functioning app and made it close to useless for me. I may just return the EX2100 and continue to use my old MyBook Live ( and hope it stays living).