Better cooling

i have a my cloud mirror and a single my cloud …the mirror runs really hot and barley see the fan turn on if even at all…i modded my mirror for better cooling drives wer running over 130 degrees or hotter the way i modded mine the drives now run between 80 to 90 degrees and i also notice a speed and responce diff… i used a old 5 volt 1 amp phone charger to run fan . it puushes out alot of air and is quiet heres some pics of what i did the black painted is my final moding i did5.jpg1.jpg6.jpg

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UPDATE i moded a heavyduty 12 volt 5 amp power brick to my mirror and also used old usb end and hooked front fan to 1 usb on back just for power

The  20150312_143035.jpgultimate cooling for a Mirror!!