Better backup software than Windows Filehistory

Hi there. The WD backup software does not work for me as I am trying to back up my internal HD and an External HD that is attached to my PC. It was suggested I try the built in backup in Win 10. I have been using that, but it is buggy and is filling the Mycloud quickly. It must be making many copies of the same data or something. My 3 TB drive is full - and I only am trying to back up 1-2TB max of original data.

I have read about Acronis, but want to know if it works well before plunking down the $$. I do not want a full image of my HD - just incremental backups of specific folders.


Try FreeFileSync.

When you say ‘incremental’, do you mean keeping old versions of files, or just keeping the latest version of files that have changed? (Usual meaning is the latter, but just checking).

Keeping the latest version.

Unless the software can keep only one previous version.