Better Actor Search

When searching for actors, each unique combination of actors is shown.  For example, if I look for Mickey, I expect the search results to show all unique “Mickeys”…    Mickey Mouse, Mickey Roark, Mickey Rooney… but instead what I get is too many results that are too unique…  I get Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse/ Pluto, Mickey Mouse/Goofy, then Mickey Roark/Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, etc etc.  Please consolidate any results with Mickey Mouse as ONE result.  That way when I drill down into Mickey Mouse, I can then see all movies regardless of co-star.

Even though ALL of the actors are shown, you will still see all the movies containing “Mickey.”   That’s the way it is supposed to work.

Just make sure you search “Containing” instead of “Starts with…”

OK, but how can I see which movie it is for each combination of actors without pressing the “play” button for each row in the search result list? Maybe I don’t get it, but I would expect that if one row (of actors) is highlighted and I press the option button, the name of the movie would appear, but it doesn’t. any hint?



Ok, I’m going from memory here, so don’t be surprised if this is wrong.   :slight_smile:

Go into MOVIES.

Hit SEARCH -->  Actor --> Contains…

Enter a portion of the search term; wait until the list at the right populates.

Do NOT go to the right and make a selection.   Go to SUBMIT and click that.

Your screen should go back to the movie browser displaying the movie titles, but only the titles matching the search you just did.

Let me know if my memory is good or bad.  :)

Well, after the “Submit” a list appears but it also only contains the concatenated list of actors, not the movie titles…what’s the trick to see the titles of the selection?


Ugh.  You’re right…   

That kind of search isn’t helpful at all.   :neutral_face: