Best WDTV HD Live Plus Set-up with USB Wifi Accessory + Router (no video stuttering and audio loss)

Despite the seemingly voluminous amount of complaints being posted here by WDTV HD Live Plus users on the stability of their units, particularly the Wifi broadcasting from PC Hard Drive streamed to an HDTV through the WDTV unit, I firmly believe that there are a lot of success stories out there. I mean statistically, how many complaints have been filed online (and I’m sure most consumers buying the WDTV are tech savvy and would instantaneously turn to online communities for help) versus the number of units sold by WD (in the hundreds of thousands at the very least)?

I’ve been a victim of the faulty 1.04.10 (1/2010) firmware and despite the cool Internet sites the update added, I couldn’t bare foregoing the benefits of better streaming with firmware 1.03.29_B. In any case, I am still experiencing the video stutter and audio loss after 5 to 10 minutes of playback from PC hard drive to HDTV, but it’s not a problem at all actually because I did some experimenting on my equipment. I had all the connection between the PC and WDTV pass through a Linksys WRT54G2 v1, which only supports up to 802.11g, while my WDTV HD Live Plus runs with an attached WUSB600N (802.n). With this set-up, I guess the stuttering and audio loss were bound to happen. In order to check the other side of the fence, I pulled out my WRT160N from my second floor and had it replace the WRT54G2v1 to broadcast the wifi and to my surprise, the stuttering and audio loss disappeared (although there were a couple of times it happened again), but I actually finished a 1 and 1/2 hour video without experiencing any porblems. I wanted to retain this set-up, but had problems on my home network connections, thanks to the router swap and some firmware upgrades on the Linksys routers, which I thought would make performance better, but actually effed up my router stability and DNS detection. Seriously guys, sometimes I think the final firmwares that Linksys releases are designed to mess up the old router models so that you’ll be forced to buy the new routers. So, guys beware whenever you decide to update the router firmwares! (just a conspiracy theory though). Anyway going back to the main discussion, I had to use the WRT54G2v1 for now for my WDTV HD Live Plus until I save up enough or if the E3000/WRT610N router prices go down, whichever comes first.

So…do you guys have any suggestions on the best USB wifi accessory (to be attached to the WDTV HD Live Plus to get wireless) and router combination to use, which until now has helped you avoid any problems on wireless data streaming through the WDTV Media Player (regardless of brand) Set-ups for the firmware 1.03.29_B would be nice because, honestly, I don’t think the 1.04.10 is ready for consumers. :robotvery-happy:

I will love some Ideas here, I have a generic router, I don’t have issues streaming movies, but then again, I have not update…yet…