Best way to upgrade EX2 Ultra?

Getting zero help from Pre-Sales so hoping this will result in some guidance.

I currently have a My Cloud EX2 Ultra (12TB). As an active photographer I’m quickly running out of space, and trying to figure out the best way to upgrade? I’ve read through a lot of topics, but most of the are upgrades to an EX2 Ultra from an earlier device.

  1. Should I back-up the entire unit, buy replacement (larger capacity) drives, and swap the new drives in and the re-write the back-up?

  2. Buy a second EX2 and connect it to the network as a second NAS?

  3. Other options?

In general the EX2 has been a decent device - not great, but not a failure either. There’s a lot of missed opportunities with the device. Appreciate any help anyone could provide on my questions above.

  1. Always have backups! At least two! This is because your main machine always can have a problem. On fast rebuilding from the first backup, that problem may escalate to the first backup. Then for a slow rebuild no data is accessible, if only one backup was made.
  2. Because you are satisfied with your current Ultra you may be satisfied by using a second Ultra with at least doubled capacity: copy your current content on the new machine.
  3. But be aware, that neither the amount of main memory would increase by this nore the power of the CPU. Therefore it might be safer to change to at least EX2100.
  4. It should be clear, that your current Ultra can then be used as a machine for backups.
  5. Train yourself for fast and slow rebuilds.

Personally, I would go the “second NAS” route. . . . .most growth, least pain :slight_smile:

Backing up somehow is ALWAYS recommended. :slight_smile:
The backup copy doesn’t have to be to a NAS - - -the backup could be to a single external drive