Best way to upgrade EX2 Ultra?

Getting zero help from Pre-Sales so hoping this will result in some guidance.

I currently have a My Cloud EX2 Ultra (12TB). As an active photographer I’m quickly running out of space, and trying to figure out the best way to upgrade? I’ve read through a lot of topics, but most of the are upgrades to an EX2 Ultra from an earlier device.

  1. Should I back-up the entire unit, buy replacement (larger capacity) drives, and swap the new drives in and the re-write the back-up?

  2. Buy a second EX2 and connect it to the network as a second NAS?

  3. Other options?

In general the EX2 has been a decent device - not great, but not a failure either. There’s a lot of missed opportunities with the device. Appreciate any help anyone could provide on my questions above.

Personally, I would go the “second NAS” route. . . . .most growth, least pain :slight_smile:

Backing up somehow is ALWAYS recommended. :slight_smile:
The backup copy doesn’t have to be to a NAS - - -the backup could be to a single external drive