Best Way to Set Up 2 WDTV Live Streaming Boxes?

I have two TV’s, therefore I purchased two of these Live Streaming boxes. I would like to have one box connected to an external HDD and use the sharing feature on the WDTV to share the contents of that drive with the other Live Streaming box. My question is, what is the best way to set this up? Should I turn off the Media Library feature? Or leave the media library enabled on one box and not the other? I have heard there are issues when having the media library enabled on more than one Live Streaming box since they corrupt eachother’s database when using the same shared folder.

As I see this has been reported as an issue, until is fixed you may only have the Media LIbrary enabled in one of the players.  

Will this be addressed at any point or is the solution to only enable one media library?  I only have one hub right now and a Seagate Freeagent HD (crappy interface and no where near as good as hub but surprisingly plays nice with WDTV live).  I want to move the Seagate to the kids room and put another WDTV Hub in its place.