Best way to secure shares and or folders?

I have some files on MCM that I only want one user to be able to get to (me). I don’t have any users or groups set up so my only protection for all of my files is the WiFi logon to my home network.

Obviously this is a stupid setup and I should expect something bad to happen like an entire share being emptied. So what is the preferred method to protect the data?
(It is not completely wide open, the kids devices are connected to the guest Wifi and nobody who visits gets my WiFi password except the guest login. However the desktop and laptop are sometimes used by other than me…)

Current Setup:
MCM several shares set to public
Windows 10 PC running Plex Media Server with media on MCM
Roku, Xbox 360, Roku stick, Chromecast on network as Plex clients
MAC laptop I use for processing media and saving to MCM
Android devices need access to MCM to cast adult content I won’t put in Plex

So I am hitting the MCM with several different OSs and I doubt I can create a Workgroup, at least in the Windows sense of the word, across all the OSs.

What is the best practice for securing the MCM to prevent data loss?
I also need one share or folder that the contents are ‘hidden’ I don’t mind a login for this but still need to be able to get to it from various OSs.


You can try creating a private share to add another level of security.

To prevent data loss, you can set the unit on RAID 1 just in case that one of the drives on the unit fails.

Also note that a real backup is having a least two copies of the same files on different devices.

I opted for JBOD instead of any Raid config because as you said a backup should be on a different device. I am backing up everything nightly to drives in a separate device.

Will a share that is not ‘Public’ require a login from all the different devices on my network regardless of operating system?