Best way to restore configuration to factory defaults?


I have a WD My Book Live 2 Tb, running the latest firmware. Lately it hasn’t been working very well, for example I can’t access through wd2go, twonky interface is not working and the Dashboard UI is almost impossible to use, very slow and unresponsible (most times I click on anything, it times out).

I wanted to restore the original factory configuration without losing the data from my shares, what would be the best option? I had thought about forcing it to upgrade the firmware, but I have no idea how to do it (make the drive think its firmware is old and needs to upgrade, for example).

Or perhaps I could solve this, but I’m not sure, one idea is that the internal memory of the drive is full somehow. Could that explain this behaviour?


Another input on this problem, the green light on the disk will not stop blinking, even though I’m not transfering/accessing any data

I don’t think this is possible but hope some one prove me wrong and enlighten us.

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Finally found it, the topic was discussed in this thread:

Executing the command: 

/usr/local/sbin/ noreformat

Performs a restore of the drive to factory defaults, while preserving the partition ‘DataVolume’ (hopefully)

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