Best way to play uncompressed Bluray rips on this device

I’m looking for a media player to setup way of playing ripped Bluray’s and a few DVD’s off a hard drive, what way would be the best way of going about this?

It seems MKV is the way to go but is there any settings that have to be used or anything at all I have to do to make sure the rips work on this device?


MKV files should play as long as they follow the supported configuration.

For more information, here is a link to the lis of compatible media file types for all WD TV HD Media Players or the WD Elements Play:

Hi there, well according to that page it says the MKV has to be 30fps which **bleep** as Blurays are 24fps and I don’t want to encode them again, plus it says it supports VC-1 that some Blurays are encoded with but not in a MKV, is this correct?


The frame rates and the resolutions listed there are the maximum supported ones. So when it says 30 fps then it means it can also play 24 fps.

Compressed Blurays are usually encoded with h264 and put in MKV containers. Uncompressed Blurays are in M2TS containers.