Best way to move to bigger disks

Hi all,

I have a My Cloud EX2 running with 2x2Gb red disks and wanted to upgrade to a larger setup. I am currently running on RAID1. Is there any way to accomplish this without losing all data or having to back up and restore? I am sure people have done this before. Can you tell me your experience?

Also, after I have upgraded, I was thinking of having both 2Gb disks connected to the external USB ports. Would that be OK? Thank you for your input

Backing-up your data is the recommended procedure in order to migrate to larger hard drives since creating a mixed RAID volume will likely lead to degradation.

You can connect the original hard drives through USB if they are used within a compatible USB enclosure. However, they will likely need to be formatted.

What if I disable auto rebuild, remove a 2Tb disk, replace with a 6Tb disk, create a new volume, clone all files to bigger disk, when it is done I remove the second 2Tb disk, turn auto rebuild on, replace with the second 6Tb disk. Would that work?