Best way to move files from EX2Ultra to PR4100

Can someone please tell me the best and easiest way to move files from EX2Ultra to new PR4100? THanks.

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I use Beyond Compare to move stuff around. That is what I’m currently using to re-populate my upgraded PR4100.

I’m restoring from external MyBook drives. But you can also use it for your EX2Ultra.

It’s paid software, but it’s great and I have been using for years!!

I am a personal fan of Windows Drag&Drop.

I then use a folder comparison program to ensure everything made it over.

Thank you


As we all backup our NAS units to a external USB drive any way for safety.

The USB Backup app can also be used to restore
You can keep the store volumes the same name on both NAS devices or make new manual restore tasks.

you can also drag and drop from USB port external disk drives to NAS via a computer

but a restore task on a connected USB disk just need to be started over the network.